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Fur Storage and Cleaning

in our On Premises Vaults

“Freddy’s Freezer”

Fur Storage and Cleaning

Freddy's Freezer@

Our On Premises Vault

Real Cold Storage

We store all your furs, shearlings, fur trimmed and leathers in our on premises temperature humidity controlled freezer vaults. The purpose of true cold storage is not only to protect your fur from the ravages of drying heat and summer insects—but to revitalize it keeping the leather soft and supple and the fur silky and smooth.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery
We have a private messenger service that picks up and delivers your furs in the immediate New York City area. However, we store and maintain furs for customers all over the United States via UPS at the same price to service our customers and enjoy their appreciative loyalty. 

Annual Normal Maintenance Repairs

At No Extra Charge
Just the normal wearing of your fur throughout the season loosens or frays hand sewn hooks, eyes, linings, etc. We pick and deliver, and do all the minor needle work repairs of tightening or replacing hooks and eyes, sewing loose linings, at no extra charge as part of the same single storage price. 

Each garment is individually inspected with needed repair notes written on the ticket that are then checked of only when they are done. You see this ticket on your garment with the written instructions to our craftsmen when you receive it back in the fall fluffy and glistening. Our customers know that whatever is necessary for the minor normal maintenance—even when they don’t notice it-- we do it! 

Tears, Open Seams or Worn Edges
If there is a major repair needed that you may have asked for or we have recommended, we write you a note and prefer to speak to you on the phone or in person to get your confirmed approval before doing the needed work. Usually we are trying to help you avoid much costlier future work-- by for example, repairing a badly worn hem before it begins to shred.

Cleaning and Glazing
We recommend a yearly glazing which is similar in its beneficial effect as putting conditioner on your hair. It significantly helps extend the life of your fur by replenishing the natural oils that keep your fur soft and supple and lustrously shiny. We do this by hand using natural oils and never use synthetic silicon sprays. 

We recommend cleaning your fur every other year. We clean them by hand using natural fine powder sawdust removing all the normal dirt and damaging air pollutant particles which can damage your fur.

After this natural cleaning we then apply the protective and replenishing yearly glazing, Periodic cleaning which includes the glazing process as the finish, will help you fur from oxidizing, clean excess collar makeup and stop the flat sticky looking build-up of normal soiling.

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