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We have a team of expert European furriers who only work on remodels, repairs and alterations for stores

across America and our

private customers.

IMG_9816 (1)_edited.jpg

This was my football shoulder - over-sized mink coat.


Now I can wear it everyday and I love my new hood.


I Can't Believe

Fred Gelb, as an artist, particularly loves the excitement of recreating older, not being worn furs - into totally New, exciting and "So Wearable”, today fashions.  


After you read this, look at the incredible reviews of women who still can’t believe  that they receive so many compliments on their  exciting new fur that was their old boxy fur!  Fred handles these appointments personally, bringing out each craft specialist to work individually with you in creating and fitting your fur towards it’s new perfection.


Mr. Gelb has the designer’s creative imagination. But, you will also be able to see your fur as it will look because of the incredible inventory of styles and sizes for you to try on.  So, you can truly see with confidence, the totally new flattering fur fashion you will be wearing soon.

Have More Questions?

Please read the more detailed description of how we can remodel or alter your fur. It will answer many more of your questions. 
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