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If you are thinking of remodeling

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Fred will tell you, that although he is a major designer of new fur collections. what he truly loves is the individual creative challenge of remodeling and altering older furs, leathers, shearlings and cloth garments. He handles all the remodel appointments personally - because even after having done thousands--each one is an exciting artistic creation that he loves to do.

Perhaps, you could say, that In New York, it is understood that “women in the know” send their friends and family to Fred` because of his great reputation in turning older, not being worn furs, into totally new, exciting and so wearable - today fashions.


So often, Fred will tell you not to waste your money on the expense of a Total Remodel. If possible, he prefers to significantly alter your fur--  by softening those oversize shoulders, slenderizing the body and sleeves for a leaner, more flattering silhouette. You will be amazed how a coat can be be made more everyday casual, simply by shortening the length or making it reversible. He may tell you to shorten that long coat to a jacket and to make a vest at the same time! Or, why not shorten that coat that you aren’t wearing to a jacket/stroller length with a detachable hood from the hem we cut off. Why not shear the body for a more velvety flowing drape..and so much more….


As a recognized and collected sculptor, Fred intimately understands the subtle curves and planes of a woman’s body. Great design is the ability to hide, accentuate  and flatter at the same time.

“There are no furs or looks a woman can’t wear--only the right pattern for her body.”


Although, we have pattern makers and fitters working daily in the factory, Mr. Gelb personally pins and marks his remodel creations. He then brings our European trained craft specialists into the showroom with you to discuss the look you want, the character of your particular fur, what and how we will do it for you….This is done while you are wearing the fur. In this way, our  craft people truly understand What and how they are cutting and sewing with you in mind.

So Everyone, and especially You- understands the the look and flattering silhouette fit fashion we are doing for you. After forty years of experience, Fred has the imagination, the “Sight and Experience to Visualize” your New Fur...and you will be able to too! The huge inventory of countless fresh new styles and patterns, will enable to try on the look and fit of your new style “so you can really see it!”


Fred does so many remodels for stores across America as well as our private clientele, that often: When you want to know what your older fur will look like in this new style, or what it will look like if it is sheared-- or how a selected fabulous Italian fabric looks in a reversible, etc.--- we can show you a finished customers piece.


Your fur, shearling or leather is paid for. It doesn’t owe you any money!!

Your investment is only the expert design and European craftsmanship labor; and then you will have a exciting new today fashion that will fit your new more casual lifestyle. Did we mention making fur pillows, a throw or bedspread!!. Fred’s mother was a famous interior designer and decorator and he grew up with “Architectural digest type” furs In the house and being made for customers!


We can only tell you what we can do with your fur by seeing it. Depending on it’s age and the condition of the leather, Freddy will allow you to do more- or less- with it. Sometimes,  on much older furs, he will not do any work if we don’t feel the fur has several year of wearable life in it.


So. Please, you can’t be annoyed if we say,”no, we will let you do any work on it”. Freddy says, “We are in business to make money-but not to hurt people, as an expert, it is my responsibility to help you make that absolute right decision” If you are looking for the finest fur remodel, fur alteration or fur repair specialists, It’s us --Fred Gelb Furs


We will make you happy and create a fashion that you will happily wear in your lifestyle today and for many years.

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